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India - well drilling, crisis aid after cyclone for people below the poverty line

Thu, May 23, 2019 - 9:00pm, written by Frank, published by Frank

Well drilling in Madhya Pradesh - Cyclone Fani in Orissa

After the completion of the crisis aid in Bangladesh, the return journey of Florian and Alexandra turned out to be quite exciting. Just before the approaching cyclone "Fani" they were able to fly from Cox Bazar to Dhaka. While Florian could fly back to Laos during the night, the airports in East India were closed. All flights there were cancelled, including the return flight of Alexandra, scheduled to route via Calcutta. Due to the announced air traffic disruption of several days and the devastation that Fani had already caused in India, Alexandra changed her schedule and flew back to Germany. After three days filled with doing the laundry and a few necessary errands, she flew right back to India last week. After all, Venu had already organized everything for the postponed well drilling in the south, including domestic flights...

And so the last days in Madhya Pradesh in leprosy colonies the long planned wells could be drilled. Two wells were successfully drilled - after a long time of anxiety and finger crossing, water came – and what a lot of water!

Photos and report will follow.

In the meantime, Venu and Alexandra travelled on to Orissa. There are also many villages which we have supported in the past. A lot has been destroyed by "Fani" - the simple clay and brick huts could not withstand the forces of nature. Natural disasters usually hit the poorest particularly hard ...

Circumstances are unexpectedly fortunate that the two of them are now directly on site to support our friends in the reconstruction. And so roof tiles and repair material were bought and distributed today.

Here are a few photos, which came today by Whatsapp. Telephone and Internet are presently still out of order (which is not surprising as poles have fallen down, etc.). Consequently, it is presently difficult to keep in contact.


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