12,828.99 € for needy people all over the world

Social projects in favor of FriendCircle WorldHelp

12,828.99 € for needy people all over the world
For five years, the Eichendorff high school has been supporting FriendCircle WorldHelp with social projects.

2012 the students of the Eichendorff high school decided to support the projects of FriendCircle WorldHelp as a school during the next five years.
At that time, three projects with different key areas were shortlisted. The work of FriendCircle WorldHelp in countries such as India and Africa finally convinced the students.
At several occasions, Alexandra and Frank Schmitz as well as Tanja and Michael Dykta presented the students in an impressive and enthusiastic way the work they are doing on site.
The statement of a student in 2012 saying: „We have chosen the right project“, speaks for itself.
In the past five years the individual classes had the opportunity to collect as much donation funds as possible from “sponsors” by quite different and individual actions.
By „mileage allowances“ on a hiking day, the sale of clothing, baking, cooking, flea markets, film and theater shows with popcorn and catering service, etc. at least this small amount of funds was raised to help some people in the world to be better off than before.
The students were always sure that the collected money will reach at 100% the children who are suffering from hunger, have nothing to wear, the places where infectious diseases are spreading, sick people are abandoned or fighting for their mere survival.

The total donated funds amount to 12.828,99€ , which were spent for children and needy people in leprosy villages and in the streets, for well drilling, food, medicine, clothing, teaching and learning materials.
On the last day of school before carnival holidays, the last check was handed over to the representatives of FriendCircle WorldHelp during a school meeting.

Jürgen Schmidt


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