Charity event in Prien

Support for the projects by the "Rose of Voices" choir

On Sunday, July 15th, Amithra and the singers of the Prien choir 'Rose of Voices' organized 'Exotic HeartSongs' in a large indoor riding arena on the Fasanenhöhe estate in the immediate vicinity of Lake Chiemsee, extraordinary songs from all over the world (from Japan, Mongolia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, New Zealand, the Andes, Lapland...).
Excerpt from Amithra: ...a song from Japan that sings about the joy of the cherry blossom season; a Bulgarian wedding song, a song from the Tuwa region near Mongolia; the South African national anthem that expresses their attachment and love for the country; a Laplandic 'yodelling'; the pygmy song with elemental sounds that reflect the sound of the jungle; a love song from the Faroe Islands; a New Zealand song that calls to stand together...
One thing all the songs of this concert, originating from different regions of the world have in common: they all spring from the joy and love for something or someone...with their strange, unfamiliar harmonies and the charm of their peculiarity, they invite you to embrace something new. Exceptional sounds that radiate a magic and make you realize that in the unusual you can also discover the familiar and the beautiful...
THANKS to Amithra, Armin, Birgit, all singers and friends of the Prien choir "Rose of Voices".
With your performance and support many children and needy people will be made happy...


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