Collection of caps from the knitting ladies

Warm woolen hats for distribution in wintertime

Every year we drive to Eberswalde to pick up a minibus full of the colorful treasures manufactured by our knitting ladies from the region.

They are tirelessly working in the DRC Nähcafe to manfuacture by hand many many caps that will be distributed to children and needy people in different countries to protect them against the cold..

This time, Maria, Erni, Thomas and Wendelin are undertaking the trip to Eberswalde. With photos and a presentation Thomas will report about the journey to the Garwhal-Himalayas in November 2104.

He will also tell about the joy that we can see each time we distribute the knitted marvels. The children and many elderly people express their thanks not only for receiving a warm garment for their head, but because they feel the love which is put in the knitting work.

Many thanks to all our friends in Eberswalde and of course everywhere else in Germany, who by their knitting have been supporting for years the projects of FriendCircle WorldHelp in cold regions!!

After our return from Eberswalde we will further report about the collection..

Part of the beautiful caps from our friends from Bamberg and the surrounding area will now be taken to the Kosovo. Tomorrow, Thursday morning, Frank and Alexandra will leave for a 6-day exploratory trip. A transport of material to Kosovo and Romania is schduled for the end of December / beginning of January. Together with Moldova, Kosovo is considered the poorest country in Europe. A lot of families have to cope with about 2.00 € per day. The average income of most men who have jobs, is about 200 €, while prices in most areas are as high as they are here ...

You will soon find more about this under “Action on Tour”.

Update of Oct. 16, 2015

At midnight Maria, Erni, Thomas and Wendelin have well returned home to Bamberg, with 5.812 caps in their luggage!
Here is the link to a broadcast by ODFTV smiley

Link:   click here



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In the trunk of the minibus wool is stored, which Ingrid has collected from friendly donors.
Maria, Erni, Thomas and Wendelin will drive the long way to Eberswalde to collect the colorful treasures.
Departure to Eberswalde...
Thomas is reporting about the trip to Northern India in November 2014
Many of our knitting friends from and around Eberswalde came to the Red Cross to see the photographs about the Distribution of the caps.
The counting of the caps...
Colourful treasures that will be distributed by the FriendCircle Worldhelp to needy children and adults during the winter months.
Even the lokal TV Crew came....
Lat in the night the Team is back in Bamberg unloading an storing the caps.
Many thanks to ALL the knitting ladies and many thanks to Thomas, Wendelin, Erni and Maria for the collection of the caps.


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