Distribution of food packages and donations in kind

Direct help on site in Călărași and surroundings

Thur, Jan. 9, 2018 - 7:30pm, written by Alexandra, published by Frank

Tour report Moldova

On the map we find the Republic of Moldova, also known as Moldavia, as a small Southeast European country. Only some more than three million inhabitants live within 34,000 square kilometers. About one third of the population lives in the capital Chişinău.

The economic situation of the country outside the European Union is difficult. Many people are forced to seek work abroad, even at the cost of leaving their own children with relatives. The average monthly wage is about € 100.00. Also doctors or engineers e.g. earn only around € 130.00 a month. The pension is about € 50.00 per month. In view of the prices of the goods in the shops, we can hardly believe how one can make ends meet here reasonably.

Together with our friends from Călăraşi, our friends help friends team is this winter visiting needy families and elderly people.

In several shops, prices are compared and long shopping lists are established, adapted to the individual needs of the recipients.

Together with other friends of the Călăraşi Town Hall, Christina, our Moldovan friend, prepared lists in advance taking in first line into account families living under exceptionally difficult conditions.

With our Moldavian friends we are working hand in hand. The few days that are available for the preparation and distribution of about 50 large food packages, potato sacks, 300 fruit bags, many colorful caps of our knitting ladies, shoes, cuddly toys and balls are used effectively.

When the big packages and other gifts are brought to those they are meant for, tears of gratitude often flow. Old people cry and embrace the visitors who have come to help.

It takes some minutes for a little boy who has no jacket to believe that the jacket Gregor and Frank put on him should now be his. When Astrid then also gives him football, his eyes light up and his "wow" moves those around so much that they will probably never forget this little word from the depths of a child's heart. With a kiss on Astrid's cheek the boy expresses his THANKS to the visitors and to ALL friends who read this and with their thoughts are supporting the actions of friends help friends.

THANKS also to our friends from Călăraşi and Mayor Nicolai Melnic with his team. Through the great cooperation with you this action has been successful ...

Sun, Jan. 7,  2018 - 9:30pm, written by Frank, published by Frank

Photo gallery online

Dear friends,
the photo gallery from the Moldova tour has been completed. Just click on the big picture, and the overview will open. Then click on the first picture smiley
Further infos will follow within the next few days...

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Mon, January 1st, 2018 - 1:50pm, written by Frank and Alexandra, published by Frank

Team back from Moldova - report and photos to follow here

Yesterday afternoon, Astrid, Gregor, Alfred, Alexandra and Frank returned well from their four-day trip to Moldova. Full of impressions and very satisfied with what could be accomplished in the short time ...
A detailed report and photos will follow shortly on the website.

We wish you all a good start into the New Year and are sending best wishes to Nepal, where Katrin continues the projects with Mingmar ...

Your friends help friends - team


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Children inside a Moldovan house in a village.
The boy is allowed to choose a toy from the big suitcase. Without hesitating he takes the ball ...
There is great joy about the toys ...
There are many moving moments during distribution.
After the city area of Calarasi we drive to Bahmut, a village nearby. Again, a list of people in urgent need of support has been prepared. This boy gets a warm jacket - he has none -, stockings and a cap.
Only after a few minutes the boy realizes that he might keep the jacket and the other things ...
The little ones happily carry the heavy bags to their place.
Sometimes you can do "skiing" on the mud. Creative approaches are required. Raeggy and Alexandra ...
A toilet
Immediately after arrival, the first bulk purchase is already done in Chisinau. Christina and Nicolai (the mayor) have come to pick up the goods and buy directly with the team.
The boxes are brought by the shopkeeper by truck to the town hall. From there, the distribution takes place with the mini-bus in several rounds.


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