Flea market in Bad Kreuznach

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Mon, Oct. 30, 2017 - 12:40, written by Alexandra, published by Frank

Friends help friends - flea market in Bad Kreuznach

Thanks to a lot of donations in kind as well as a financial donation, the flea market was again a success for the projects of FriendCircle WorldHelp!

For years, Elisabeth from Bad Kreuznach has been organizing markets and the action "knitted caps for a good cause". Elisabeth has a great team, which is always inspiring the people visiting the booth.

Here are a few words from Elisabeth:

"In the morning, it actually looked like it would rain, but the clouds then disappeared. Thank God!

Again, Wilhelm actively helped with his trailer (without this it would not have been possible!) and many committed women from the District Association Bad Kreuznach South-East:  Edel, Gaby, Waltraud, Renate, Inge and Helga. Thanks to all of you for your valuable help!! "

... all were incredibly motivated with packing and carrying boxes, dismantling and building the tables, selling etc.

And it was worth it! 603 € is the proud sum that was earned for the work of FriendCircle WorldHelp. Since each euro is used directly for the affected children and people in need, this represents a considerable amount that will again relieve the distress of many people ...


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