Flea market in Bamberg

Sales in favor of FriendCircle WorldHelp

Today the flea market friends of FriendCircle WorldHelp in Bamberg have again become active. After the donated flea market items were yesterday loaded on a big trailer and into cars shortly before 6am this morning the installation started on the parking of Real. Many thanks to the "Bamberg flea market team" with Mrs. Neger for letting us have the large selling area. Large tables and stands were installed and decorated. A big helper team with Caye, Christina, Bernhard, Claudia, Gitti, Heidi, Ingrid, Maria (the "pizza service"), Tanja, Lisa-Maria, Christiane, Merlin, Susanne, Katja, Hans, Maria, and Erni worked in shifts. We were particularly happy about the support by our friends Ali, Fazel, Moustafa and Arash from Afghanistan and Iraq (who have been in Bamberg for about 5 weeks now),. Tanja, Hans and Alexandra picked them up at their place and they cooperated fully motivated. After the flea market Elke took the four of them to her family for harvesting apples which was no doubt a pleasant experience for them ...
The sales of the donated "treasures" went on until early afternoon. A lot of beautiful things were lovingly sold for the good cause.Before the remaining items were brought back to the storeroom in Trabelsdorf, the cash was counted.
A record amount of more than 570 Euro resulted - an awesome contribution to the realization of our projects. Many thanks to all helpers who by their commitment and good mood made this flea market again an exciting event! smileyyes
If you also want to participate next time just send us a message to activities@friendcircle-worldhelp.org.  We are looking forward to your mail!

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Installing the stand at 6am.


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