Flea market in Bamberg

Sales in favor of FriendCircle WorldHelp

The flea market team in action in Bamberg

Since 2010 the "friends help friends – flea market team" in Bamberg has become an established institution. At least twice a year, Caye and Christina, together with many friends, organize the sale of used, donated items in favor of the projects of FriendCircle WorldHelp. What looks easy, simple and entertaining on the photos, requires in fact a lot of attention and time and physical efforts!

For many years, Dieter, a friend from Trabelsdorf, has been providing a dilapidated house for the storage of the  "flea market treasures." Prior to every flea market date, Bernhard, Wendelin and other friends start with cars and trailers, to load already on Friday evening a great number of big and small items and bring the unsold items back the next day.

Work groups are organized to make the work easier for the individual persons:

There is an „early shift“ from 5.45 to 11.00am including setting up the market tables. This time (on Sept. 2, 2017) it was realized by Susanne, Gitti, Heidi, Caye, Roland and Wendelin.

The „late shift" from 11:00am to 3:00pm including dismantling was this time in the hands of Christina, Erni, Ingrid, Achim, Christin, Anna Maria, Roland and Roland, Claudia, Bernhard, Tobias and Alexander. Between the two shifts, everyone enjoyed the delicious pizza brought by Maria ;-)

Their common efforts paid off again! When counting the cash at the end of the day, the proceeds amounted to more than 500 Euro.

We would also like to thank our friend Silvia Neger from the " Bamberg Flea Market Team“, who has been supporting the work of  FriendCircle WorldHelp right from the beginning by not asking for any stand fees.



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Early in the morning Roland and Wendelin set up the tables.
There is always something going on around the flea market tables.
If, for once, no buyer is there, the mood is still super.
Maria brings pizza for the small hunger in between ;-)
FriendCircle WorldHelp is allowed to use many meters free of charge. Thanks to Silvia and the "Bamberg flea market team".
Christin sorting the donated pants.
Gitti hanging jackets on the racks.
Heidi always has a joke in store.
Ingrid and Christin behind the stand.
In between there is time left for a chat.


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