Flea markets in Bamberg

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Mon, Aug. 2nd, 2019 - 8:30, written by Alexandra, published by Frank

Friends help friends - Flea markets in Bamberg

In a household with three children a lot of things accumulate in the course of time :-) And so Tanja took the opportunity to look through everything and put one or two beautiful things aside...
Very early on Saturday, Michael, Tanja and Bruno drove with the heavily loaded car to the flea market. With them the "big girl", Lisa Maria while the "little ones", Moritz and Anni remained at home playing with grandma Erni :-)
The table is quickly set up and everything is arranged.
Immediately after the first customers arrive and while they are watching and trying, there are also many nice chats. 
The visitors gladly stop at the colourful stand.
Tanja and Lisa "manage" the shop and Michael uses the time to take some photos. 
And again and again the visitors ask what the banner is all about and Michael can tell about the work of friends help friends.
The idea with the sale in favour of the good purpose is well received by the customers - the cash check finally shows 345 Euro. Wow!
Two weeks later at 6 o'clock the three of them are again loading the car...
This time Gitti and her friend Heidi also picked up some things for the sale from Dieter's house in Trabelsdorf and both help at the booth. 
Both occasions resulted in a total of 630€! A great result!!!
Thanks to ALL diligent helpers and ALL who "bought" for the good cause...


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