friends help friends

The motto of FriendCircle WorldHelp is „friends help friends“ - you are welcome to help!

One of the basic principles of FriendCircle Worldhelp is that any kind of charity begins in the family. This means that in our opinion it is necessary to first take lovingly care of the own family members. If, after fulfilling your family duties you still have free resources both financial as well as in terms of energy and time, you are welcome to join us.

Under the menu item ACTIVITIES you can find many examples of how you can actively contribute to the work of FriendCircle Worldhelp.

For those interested to participate in a friends-help-friends tour, there is a waiting list.

Everyone taking part in a tour of FriendCircle Worldhelp is responsible for bearing his own travel and accommodation expenses as well as health care provisions himself. If you are interested please contact us for more information.

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