Lecture held in Sonneberg

Photos and travel report in the community school in Sonneberg


For many years, students of the community school in Sonneberg-Köppelsdorf have been supporting the projects of FriendCircle WorldHelp. Many generations of schoolchildren have already made an important contribution to the association's project work and subsequently learned about the work through lectures during visits to the school.
At the beginning of August the time had come again: In April, Jurgen, together with the team had been in Bangladesh in the refugee camps of the Rohingyas. He reported on his experiences and impressions in class 5c in Köppelsdorf and showed many photos...
In the meantime the cooperation has become a tradition. With the former teacher Inge Beck, the then fifth classes started to carry out school projects for the benefit of friends help friends.  This tradition is being carried on by the students of this year's class 5c together with their class leader Beatrice Heck and the school social worker Christine Kalies ;-))

THANK YOU ALL, dear friends from Sonneberg and surroundings!



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