Lecture on India trip and handover of caps

Handover of knitted wool caps

On September 1st, Jürgen visited the Catholic Women’s Circle in Knetzgau. Under the direction of Mrs. Helga Weinkauf the diligent knitting ladies have been producing caps for some years for the work of FriendCircle WorldHelp. An impressive number of 200 pieces was this time handed over by the ladies at the annual breakfast.
Then Jürgen showed many photos on the screen where the colorful products will go next November.
Jürgen also had an interesting meeting with a catholic priest from Chennai who has been a long-term friend of Helga’s. Since FriendCircle WorldHelp last year after the flood in Chennai also gave first aid there, both exchanged phone number for a next time ;-))
Many thanks to ALL our knitting ladies in Knetzgau as well as in Luxemburg! Via our friend Anni from Luxemburg Jürgen also received 400 more caps! :))  Man thanks to ALL!!!
Many children and needy persons will again be happy with these caps…


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Lecture in January 2015. Upon invitation by the Frauenkreis of Knetzgau - thanks to Helga Weinkauf and her team for the invitation and great preparation!! - we reported with photos on the trip to India in November, 2014.
January 2015: Thomas, Alexandra and Frank inform on FriendCircle WorldHelp and the tour of November, 2015.
2016: Group photo at the occasion of the handover of the caps in Knetzgau.
Lecture held by Jürgen, organized by the Katholische Frauenkreis in Knetzgau.
Many thanks and warm regards to Knetzgau!


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