Lecture on Trip to India

Integrated comprehensive school of Sonneberg-Köppelsdorf

On Tuesday, April 4, 2016, a slide presentation about the trip to India in November 2015 was given to the classes 7b and 8b of the integrated comprehensive school of Sonneberg-Köppelsdorf. This school has been supporting the projects of FriendCircle WorldHelp for years. Upon invitation of Inge Jürgen had taken the opportunity to report in detail.

Following this presentation we received a thank-you card which we would like to share with you here:
"Dear ones, we, the classes 7b and 8b of the public school of Köppelsdorf/Sonneberg as well as our teachers, would like to thank you very much for the visit of Jürgen. He showed us in an impressive way the selfless and dedicated support you give to people in need and especially to children throughout the world.

We spontaneously decided to financially support once more the projects that touch our hearts. We will of course continue to donate on a monthly basis."
Classes 7b and 8b

In the discussion following the presentation the students again expressed how moved they are about the selfless help and that they realize how lucky they are to have their basic needs fulfilled. They would like to thank the teams of FriendCircle WorldHelp for their dedication and for the many creative ideas and are looking forward to a next visit.
This way, we will be able to open up these young persons to for the suffering that still exists in this world and inspire them to help. We can be sure to have their further support. Thanks to Jürgen, Alexandra, Michael and Frank and the many, many helpers!
We will keep in touch."

Inge Beck, April 5, 2016



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