Pre-Christmas Activities

Sales in favour of projects

The end of the year is approaching with big steps and again many activities are organized in the pre-Christmas period to support the projects and to inform interested people.
Many thanks to all the hard working helpers!
We wish you all a nice pre-Christmas time, a few quiet days and a good start in 2019.

  • Christmas Market in Memmingen

Maria: "The cakes and biscuits and apple rings were very well received! ...unfortunately the weather today was very rainy and cold, so we couldn't sell so much on the second day, but it was a pleasure. It was a wonderful community action of about 15 friends. And we made some more friends! Also colleagues visited us and children from my class with their parents. Also helped diligently: Eva, Dimitry, Achim and his daughter Franka, Tobi, Iris, Momo, Wolfgang, Maggie, Monika with her husband, Cesar and Melanie, Inge and Ralph..."

  • Margarete in Unterhohenried in the kindergarten
  • Heike, Gary, Astrid and Alfred at the Nikolausmarkt in Kleinmünster
  • Heidi at the Christmas Market in Sulzbach an der Murr
  • Marlinde from Duisburg
  • Doris from Litzendorf
  •  Knitting friends who have been knitting socks for years, which can be sold for the benefit of the projects: Mrs. Kiefer from Gaustadt, Silvia from Bamberg, Susi and Helga from Neubrunn 
  •  Flea markets in Bad Kreuznach

Elisabeth: "The flea market yesterday was again a great success. The weather was cold, but it stayed dry. This time the socks knitted by Inge and homemade jams / chutneys / lavender bags as well as a few flea market articles sold well. Additionally we received two donations of 50 € and 25 € . Many thanks to all donors and helpers who have stood the cold. This time it was a special challenge for everyone because of the cold, and I hope you all stay healthy. Many thanks to all who helped again: Wilhelm, Inge, Eva-Maria, Eva and Ute. Many thanks also to all who undertake the long journeys and take on a lot of strain for the good cause."
Also participated at the flea market in October: Edith, Wilhelm, Inge, Ute, Uschi, Beate, Gaby and Elisabeth as organizers.

  • Ingrid and Katrin offer beautiful little things from Nepal and India to their colleagues at work.

(If any of our friends was not named here, please let us know! We would like to list everybody who helped.)


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