Project: "Children help children"

Activities of the elementary school Schwanenstadt on the occasion of its 100-year anniversary

Beginning July, FriendCircle WorldHelp was again pleasantly surprised by a large donation from Schwanenstadt, Austria. The local school with its pupils and teachers is a long-time supporter of the projects. Many heartfelt thanks and best wishes to Upper Austria!!

Below is the report we received from our dear friends:

"The elementary school Schwanenstadt decided to celebrate its 100th anniversary by a theater performance, an open day with open classrooms, an open air concert, a historical exhibition in the museum next door, an exhibition of children’s works throughout the school house, as well as a ceremony in the evening and the social project „Children help children“ in favor of FriendCircle WorldHelp. We have confidence in the voluntary helpers and know that every donated cent is spent for the poorest of the poor.
We started with the preparations a year ago, built expert teams and got to work. In February, we offered workshops for the children of the 3rd and 4th school classes, in which they produced felt flowers, bath salt, jewelry pendants made of clay, necklaces of glass beads, jewelry boxes and little lavender bags, and decorated flower pots made of tin cans by decoupage. In the following months teachers and parents grew plants for the cachepots.
Some children attended one, two or even three workshops. They had great pleasure in these works and were also happy to be able to contribute to the support of needy children. „But I also want to do something for the poor children!“, a boy affirmed whom we would not have believed to work for two hours in a group together with children he did not know.
Since the celebration on June 16, 2016, our worth seeing shop was open until the end of school. Our guests, pupils and teachers did a lot of shopping, so that we could submit you a proud sum for your work.
Thanking you wholeheartedly for doing this work in loving devotion!
Hearty greetings from Schwanenstadt in Austria!"

July 11, 2016


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