Sales in favour of projects

Homemade jam, knitted socks, scarves, bags, etc.

A large team took part in the Christmas market in Oberschwappach this weekend. The great ambience in the castle and many visitors made this again a very successful event. A huge assortment of homemade jam and soap, homemade socks, scarves, pillowcases, shawls, bags, cookies, calendars etc. were sold. Newsletters were distributed to interested visitors and talking to many visitors about the work of the association, the philosophy (travel and accommodation expenses being paid privately, sponsors bearing printing costs etc., donations being applied at 100%, teams always with direct help on site) and the projects were explained.

Immediately afterwards the stand was set up in the Kita St. Marien to give interested parents the opportunity to shop before Christmas. Buying presents and at the same time doing something good for others - this opportunity was enthusiastically by many visitors.

Many thanks to the large friends help friends team consisting of Susanne, Heidi, Gitti, Sabine, Anna-Maria, Christin, Roland, Claudia, Eva, Alois, Erni, Heidi, Roland, Wolfgang, Achim and Ingrid!

And of course many thanks to everyone who supported the work of FriendCircle WorldHelp e.V. with their purchase!

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