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For years the theatre group "Schräges Theater Neubrunn" has been performing on several evenings in autumn in the Heilig-Länder-Halle in Neubrunn. From the proceeds of the performances in 2018 500 Euro each were donated to Friends help Friends (non-profit association for the support of children and needy people all over the world), the Neubrunner village musicians (for the training of young musicians), kindergarten Neubrunn, the youth group "Schlauen Füchse" of the OGV, the FC Neubrunn for the youth work and the youth fire brigade Neubrunn.
Thank you very much!

On October 5, 2019 the current season starts and the following plays will be performed:

"Love cannot be reaped" ( based on the play: "Krimizeit am Gschwendnerhof") by Marianne Santl
The Gschwendner family is in arrears after the successful renovation of their farm. Everyone in the family desperately tries to raise money, even daughter Lena is supposed to marry the rich Vitus. But then she finds a backpack full of money in the Heustadl. Suddenly all worries could end... Let's say we just borrow something for a short time... Gnawing thoughts and honest intentions. At night the bank robber appears unexpectedly to fetch his loot. But he doesn't count on the resolute grandmother, who skillfully hunts him down. A bank robber with a heart and a resourceful family together devise a plan that might bring a solution for everyone. But suddenly the money has disappeared...

 "Hair Krishna"
One-act, written by Hans Jürgen Derra, performed by the children and youth group: "Kleines Schräges Theater Neubrunn".
Head of the group: Katrin Schmitt and Hans Jürgen Derra.

Saturday 05.10.2019 13:00h
Saturday 05.10.2019 18:30h
Saturday 12.10.2019 18:30h
Sunday 13.10.2019 17:30h
Saturday 19.10.2019 18:30h

Heilig-Länder-Halle in Neubrunn (Lower Franconia)

Advance ticket sales under 09536 / 761 or 09536 / 921883



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