Support of needy families

Direct help on site in the Priština region with purchases and caps for the winter

Thur, 09.07.2020 - 6:10, written by Alexandra and Frank

++ Report from tour in Kosovo ++

Dear friends,

In February a team of friends help friends was in Kosovo.
Ingrid, Astrid, Erni and Alexandra flew from Nuremberg to Priština to meet our Kosovar friends Vjosa, Ardiana and Gezime.
From early in the morning until late in the evening, the time was used in the best possible way during the five days to visit as many needy families as they could manage. Three intensive days followed...

In the luggage there were many self-knitted caps and cuddly toys. On site we went shopping to support the families with the necessary things.

In the photo album on the homepage is a short review...

More photos and information can be found in the telegram channel. Just install the app on your mobile phone or computer and follow this link:


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Flight route from Nuremberg
Our friend Gezime was an irreplaceable help in selecting the families, making lists and carrying the heavy boxes..
Our friend Vjosa- a great organizer!!
Daily briefing during breakfast...
Kosovo - a country in the Western Balkan with wondrous nature
From early in the morning until late in the evening, the time during the five days is used in the best possible way to visit as many needy families as we can.
Especially where money is scarce and wealth is unknown, people open their hearts. Words are not the most important thing.
Countless cuddly toys and warm caps made by our knitting ladies found their destination.
Good-bye Kosovo! Thank you for your hospitality ...


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