Support with warm clothes, etc.

Transport of material in January 2016 - 7 tons of relief supplies packed

Photos of the distribution are to be found under the heading  "Action on Tour"


Mon, 21.12.2015 - 8:15pm, posted by Frank

30 pallets with seven tons relief supplies ready packed

By an incredible team effort all donated supplies were packed ready for dispatch on Saturday. Nearly 40 helpers packed a total of approximately seven tons in huge cardboard boxes on 30 pallets. While in the morning many donations were still delivered and directly sorted in the front of the hall, after a short “briefing” the packaging started in the back of the hall. Sorted by unloading station and material, the many winter jackets and coats, shoes, sleeping bags, blankets, clothing and various other donations were carefully packed. The great effort was "crowned" with a common coffee break :-)

On Tuesday the company Schenker will pick up all the pallets and bring them into the dispatch warehouse in Bamberg. On Dec. 29, there the large truck will be loaded with a forklift and start its trip to Romania. As of January 01 our team will be there to distribute the donations, and we will report here on our website.

Thanks to all the donors, to the families and Ertl and Schrödel, to Hartmut Eckard, Mirabela Budaca and the whole team of the company Schenker, as well as to all helpers !!

Greetings to Liam and Emma in Oradea and our friends in Cluj - we are coming soon :-)


Sun, 13.12.2015 - 10:50am, posted by Frank

Collection ends on Dec. 19, 2015 – many helpers needed for packing

In the meantime, many valuable warm garments were delivered in the hall. Man thanks for ALL who have been supporting this action with material and practical help.
Next Saturday, Dec. 19, 2015, we will again be in the hall starting 9:30am to receive last donations in kind until latest half past noon.
We will start in parallel the packaging for dispatch and are looking forward to MANY helpers. I possible, we would like to complete the entire preparation work on Saturday. In recent days, a detailed planning for transport and distribution has started to be set up with our contact persons in Germany and on site in Romania. Many thanks to Hartmut, Mirabela, Liam and Emma for your great support!

Following the packing action on Saturday the company Schenker will pick up next week all pallets on a truck with hydraulic lift and bring them into the dispatch warehouse. We are very happy to have received also packaging material (pallets and huge special pallet size cartons). THANK YOU!

A few days after Christmas, the team of FriendCircle WorldHelp will then start the journey to Romania. Further information will follow here ASAP.

Warm pre-Christmas greetings to all our friends!

Your FriendCircle WorldHelp Team


Sun, 06.12.2015 – 04:40pm, posted by Frank

Collection is running - further dates

Thanks to all who have so far supported this action with donations and their personal help! Below you will find more dates on which we will be present at the central collection center.

The detailed planning for the packing has started and we will report within the next days on the further procedure.

Photos of the recent activities will then also follow ...


When and where can I deliver something?

Bamberg, central collection point in the former "Reno" shoe market in the Ertl-Zentrum:

Saturday, 12.12.2015 9:30am  until half past noon

Saturday, 12.19.2015 9:30am until half past noon

and on other days after consultation, please call 0176/30435830

In Haßfurt, in the the area of Kirchlauter, Ebern and Untermerzbach, as well as Nuremberg area after consultation, see contact phone numbers on the flyer.


Fri, Nov. 20, 2015 - 04:40pm, published by Frank

Start of collection campaign

With immediate effect we start collecting donations in kind for the transport to Romania and for distribution to the refugees. In January 2016, a team of FriendCircle WorldHelp will drive to Romania and distribute clothes. Last winter, we went to Romania and visited and supported families living in most difficult conditions e.g. in self-made huts in a landfill. We also support refugees in Bamberg and surrounding.
In the last few days, Tanja, Michael and friends have already taken many items stored in our warehouse in Trabelsdorf to our central collection point in Bamberg. There had been an overwhelming response to our donation appeal for Nepal last May, but unfortunately we could take only part of the material along with our flight baggage. The remaining sleeping bags, blankets and clothing are now very welcome for this project.
We thank the families Ertl and Schrödel, who placed at our disposal a large hall for the collection, sorting and packaging of the goods.
In the coming days we will further report on the collection campaign. Below you will find a first schedule for this campaign.

What is needed?

Sleeping bags, blankets, winter jackets, winter shoes, gloves for both adults and children

Bicycles in roadworthy condition

When and where can I deliver goods?

Bamberg, central collection point  in the former "Reno"shoe shop at the Ertl center
Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015, 11:00am to 01:00pm
Saturday, Nov. 28, 2015 09:30am to half past noon
Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015  09:30am to half past noon
and by appointment also on other days, call 0176 / 30435830
In Haßfurt, in the area of Kirchlauter, Ebern and Untermerzbach, as well as in the area of  Nuremberg upon agreement, see contact phone number on the flyer.

How can I contribute?

We will be happy to get your support in collecting, picking up, sorting and packing. Please call or just come to the collection point at the aforementioned dates.


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"Briefing" for the big packing action January 19th,
 2015. All donatitions of kind are being packed 
on pallets.
Elke and Matthias are bringing toy animals from
the Montessori-School in Bamberg Thanks to all
the School children there!
While in the front part of the hall sorting and
tidying up is going on, in the back the packing
starts. Alfred in a quick path.
Jackets etc. sorted according to size....
Matthias and Fred are signing the pallets according
to the places where they will be unloaded.
Huge cardboard boxes get filled and are put on
During the day almost forty helpers are being 
active and due to the many hands the work is
progressing fast.
Margarete, Susanne, Tanja and Maria are sorting
the newly arriving donations on tables.
Tanja and Christine sortng.
Carefully the donated things are being packed.
Another box is ready.
The space of this huge hall is urgently needed.
Very soon all is done. In sum about seven tons
were loaded and are now waiting to be picked
up by the Company Schenker.
The last palets get wrapped in strech wrap.
Lukas, Philipp and Fenia are a good team.


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