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Wed, 14.12.2015 – 07:05pm, posted by Frank

Activities in in Nordhalben

In Nordhalben Hans and Maria are taking care of refugee families. This usually involves administrative procedures and visits to a doctor. Occasionally there is also a removal as with the married couple Emina and Thaier. After a bomb attack on their house in Syria by which their 6-year-old son was killed the family fled Syria. Due to a traffic accident, the father is unable to walk. Despite this handicap, the family decided for the difficult flight.
Today they could move with their four children from the 1st floor to the ground floor which is a great relief for the father of four.
For Emina, our friends Hans and Maria already belong to the family and Emina is counting the days until the two of them will come to visit them.
The two and a half year old Mustafa, the youngest child of the family on whom the flight apparently left strong traces is slowly reviving…

Photos in the gallery on the right side

- Maria with Mustafa in her lap. Slowly the little boy is reviving after the terrible experiences during the flight.
- Michael helps to move to the ground floor. The father of the family is confined to a wheel chair.
- Emina with her son Assad.

Also the family Batal has been living in Nordhalben for about one month. The family of five is very happy about the medical books Michael brought them. The 20-year-old son was studying medicine in Syria for one year when next to the family’s house a bomb exploded and the house was destroyed by the blast. Since then the mother who at that time was inside the house has been traumatized.


Wed, Sept. 28, 2015, 1.40 pm, published by Frank

Handover of warm jackets

Today Tanja distributed a full swing of warm jackets to young refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Africa and Iraq.

The contact had been established by Gregor and Roland. The jackets are from the in-kind donations for Nepal, which could not be taken along for lack of capacity and had therefore been stored.

Many thanks to all donors!

The youngsters are very happy and grateful...



Sat, Sept. 19, .2015 - 5:30, published by Frank

Teaching goes on – further activities

In the meantime, the team which is giving lessons to our young friends has expanded. Elke and Nina have joined the team and were introduced by Tanja. The guys study hard and some of them already speak quite well German smiley.

In addition, there are now further learning offers, for example drawing which is adopted with great enthusiasm.

This morning starting 8:00am Ali, Fazel, Moustafa and Arash came to the flea market and helped install and sell donated flea market items in favor of the projects of the FriendCircle WorldHelp. This was a new experience and the four were very happy to be there and to be able to do something useful. We will continue to report about the activities - there are as well a few new photos. See also the report about today's flea market.

Thur, Sept. 10, 2015 - 10:00pm, published by Frank

More bikes handed over 

Tonight more donated bikes were handed over. Thomas, one of our contact persons at AWO and caregiver of the youngsters received the bikes, together with the young people. Margarete and Michael brought the donated bicycles from Haßfurt. Many thanks for bringing and also to all donors! Thanks also to the local group Haßfurt of the THW for the provision of the trailer.
In the photo album on the right side you will find new photos of today’s handover.
The youngsters were again very very happy and repeatedly thanked for everything smiley


Tue, Sept. 1st, 2015 - 10:00am, posted by Frank

Further bicycles handed over – Looking for teaching support

In the meantime, we have already received more than 10 bicycles which we handed over to the youngsters. Together with a supervisor of AWO small repairs were made and the new users are overjoyed. Many thanks to all donors!
Support is wanted for teaching. If you are interested you will get all necessary information under the contact phone number indicated below ...


Tue, Aug. 25, 2015 - 12:30, posted by Frank

Handover of first bicycles

Only 2 days after our appeal Wendelin and Christiane could already hand over three bikes from generous donors from Breitbrunn in the Haßbergen to Tanja and Steffi.

The guys at the AWO were very happy, tested the bikes immediately and distributed them among themselves.

Wendelin then helped them in mounting the fenders. Thanks to Breitbrunn !!!!


Mon, Aug. 21, 2015, 09.45am, posted by Frank

First lessons - bicycles wanted!

Yesterday, Tanja gave a first German lesson in the AWO in Bamberg to young men from crisis regions. Most of them have no more parents and one young man even had to watch one of his parents being murdered. 

It was amazing to see how eager to learn whatever they are offered these young people are who have come to us all alone from different countries. Tanja will continue to give lessons during the next few weeks and will also try to help the young men to find solutions to possible problems.

FriendCircle WorldHelp is looking for readily available serviceable bicycles and in the next few weeks for winter shoes and winter jackets for young men aged 15-20.
Please contact (indicate your own phone number) or call us by phone 0176 / 30435830.
THANK YOU for your support!

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First lesson on Aug. 21 for some young people in the building of AWO in Bamberg. Tanja gives the first German lesson.
The bikes are handed over to the happy youngsters.
Wendelin quickly adding a guard plate.
Together the donations get unloaded.
Many thanks to all donors!
Activities in Nordhalebn, care of refugees by
Hans and Maria: Maria having Mustafa on her lap.
Slowly the Little one is warming up after those
difficult experiences during the flight.
Michael is helping with moving to the first flor.
The father of the Family is bound to the wheelchair.
Emina with her son Assad.
Family Batal is also living in Nordhalben for about
one month. The five members of the Family are
very happy about the books about medicine. In
Syria the 20 year old son had been studying medicine
for one year before a bomb exploded near the house
of the family which was destroyed by the blast. 
Since then the mother is traumatized as she was at home
at home during the Explosion.


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