Trempel market and flea market

Sales in favor of FriendCircle WorldHelp

During the last weekends activities to the benefit of the projects were organized.

The Trempel market in Nuremberg and the flea market in Bamberg were again a huge success!

Even occasional rain in Nuremberg could not stop our team of 33 members (!!) in these two places to sell new and old items for a remarkable 1200 €! yes

In advance organized small teams alternated in shifts thereby ensuring a smooth procedure with “job handover”.smiley

This time, the donated items in Bamberg were so numerous that the flea market was almost ten meters long ...

As always, both places were made available to FriendCircle WorldHelp free of charge. Many thanks to the city of Nuremberg and to our friend Silvia Neger from "The Bamberg flea market team"!

And big THANKS as well to our top teams with Katrin, Andrea, Elfriede, Silvia, Sandy, Katharina, Christa, Stephan and Dimitra from Nuremberg and Christiane, Maria, Andreas, Jan, Ronja, Anna-Maria, Christiane, Christiane, Caye, Christina, Wendelin, Richard, Gitti, Susanne, Roland, Katja, Heidi H., Michael, Tanja, Erni, Heidi W., Ingrid, Claudia and Bernhard from Bamberg and surroundings !!

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On the flea market in Bamberg...
On the Trempel market in Nuremberg.


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