Visiting patients in Delhi

Trip to India in April 2023

On April 01, Alois, Jürgen and Alexandra flew to India together. This time it was still unclear at departure what is awaiting the three on the spot. The main contact persons of the last years, Venu and Sunny, are both sick at the moment. And so the team was met at the airport by Mr. Shukla. Mr. Shukla had organized the hotel rooms and after the long journey the first way led there. The next few days, the first thing to do was to visit Venu in the hospital and Sunny, who was staying with his brother.
Venu was finally transferred to another hospital and together with his daughters the care there was discussed with the doctors. The team was very pleased to see the commitment of some young people whom FriendCircle WorldHelp had helped to educate during their childhood and adolescence. They are now in their careers and ready to support the teams on the ground in the future....
As different as this trip was in many ways compared to many others, the situation at the soup kitchen then feels familiar again and the many short encounters with people on the streets. And since the rupee has lost some value against the Euro, the friends receive even more goods for the donated money they brought with them.
Many things have to be taken care of and the days are all filled up and come to an end much too quickly. Therefore, Alexandra decides to extend her stay for a few more days. After the departure of Alois and Jürgen and after having settled all matters, she visits some slums in the north. There they will distribute school material to children and food packages.

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Planung der künftigen Projekte mit Urmila und Suresh.
Besuch bei Sunny, welcher sich nach der OP bei seinem Bruder erholt.
Die mitgebrachte Infusion mit Aufbaupräparaten von Michael wird von Jürgen vorbereitet.
Mukesh wird seit Jahren von Sunny betreut. Er darf auch bei ihm wohnen. Nun besucht er seinen Freund Sunny regelmässig mit seinem Rollstuhl.
Muhesk Rollstuhl den ihm der FriendCircle WorldHelp vor Jahren Gekauft hat.
Krankenbesuch mit dem Team bei Venu. Er wird von seinen Töchtern und seiner Enkelin im Krankenhaus betreut.
Die Versorgung ist bisher nicht gut, daher wird nun die Verledgung in ein anderes Krankenhaus besprochen.
Venu ist sehr schwach, freut sich aber sehr über den Besuch aus Deutschland.
Die Wohnung von zwei jungen Müllsammlerinnen.
Zwischen den Krankenbesuchen wird die Suppenküche aktiviert.
Chai für alle zur Stärkung.


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