Support of elderly people and poor families

Direct aid on site in villages with purchases and repair material for houses

Thur July 21st, 2020 - 8:00am  written by Alexandra and Frank

++ Report on Tour to Romania ++

Dear friends,

last week Michael and Alexandra were in Romania. Because of the still very limited travel possibilities, they took the opportunity to fly to Cluj. From there they went with Adrian, our friend who is driving a taxi, to some villages to visit families and elderly people. Gherman has been looking for m any years after a huge number of needy people there trying to relieve the worst hardships with food rations and other help. Together we were able to visit some of the affected people in their apartments and huts or small houses.
The living conditions and fates our team experienced are, as so often, shocking. In addition to the material and health problems, there are often dilapidated dwellings, a nearly hopeless situation for these people...

Straightforwardly and without any bureaucracy first all debts of a family are paid at the helpful shops, medicines for several months in advance are bought or the urgently needed building material for the completion of the outside toilet or the repair of the roof is paid. Again and again our friends as well as Alexandra and Michael take the time to ask about the needs of the people and to find the best solution to support them.

At the same time, during our visit large packages of food are bought and distributed to the families. In the luggage brought along from Germany there are also many cuddly toys that are one after the other reaching the children's new home...

In the telegram channel you can find many little stories in video sequences and photos. We would be happy if you would install the app and follow us there.

In the following we would like to share with yuo some "snippets" of our experiences. Thank you very much for your constant support and your good thoughts!

Your team from

friends help friends


+ This grandmother is hard of hearing and lives alone. This man is 61 years old. He has no one either, his wife died five years ago. Both get money for medicine and to allow them to take the bus to town to see a doctor.
+ In the last few months many families had to go into debt. For example, they were allowed to buy on credit with this friendly greengrocer: All accumulatec debts are paid off. In total about 300€ for three families.
+ In most of the homes we visit, the roof leaks or the inside is mouldy. Walls swell up due to moisture and ceilings sink. In several "huts" therefore stones, sand or roofing slabs are used to stabilize the walls and ceilings. Due to cold, humidity and often unavoidable unhygienic conditions, many people develop diseases...
+ The fervent wish of a family with grandparents is a small bathroom. Only since this year the old house is connected to running water and to the sewerage system. For many years the family has cherished this dream. The father works in a small coffee factory. His salary does not allow any savings. They were given a bathtub from a garbage dump - a start. The material to build the bathroom including a boiler, heated with wood, costs 800€. When the father of the house is given the money, he looks at us - with teary eyes...
+ We ask an old lady: What is your biggest wish? Mrs Silvia: "I miss my daughter." The daughter Christina cannot come to her mother, who lives 35 km away, because of a back problem. We ask the old lady if we should take her there... "I have no money", she answers. "It doesn't cost anything", we answer. "Will you bring me back here too?", she asks. "Of course!" is the answer. A short time later we sit together in the car and the journey begins. We will remember the following moments for a long time...



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The kitchen of an old lady.
Together with Silvia we drive to her daughter. On her return she waves happily goodbye to us ...
We purchase big amounts of food.
This grandmother is hard of hearing and lives alone.


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