Support for people in remote mountain villages

Direct aid on site by our friend Mingmar

Latest report from Nepal

Dear friends,

Unfortunately, for well-known reasons, it has not been possible for almost two years to take care of the projects on site in Nepal. There are practically no flights, the visa procedure for "On-Arrival" is suspended and after arrival a 10-day quarantine on site would be mandatory...

How happy we are that with our friend Mingmar a reliable contact person lives on site. Mingmar normally travels a lot in Nepal due to his job as a Sherpa. In these times without big tourism, from which he usually makes his livelihood here, he supports tirelessly in many places people in need. He receives the necessary funds from friends help friends. Again and again Mingmar gets in touch with photos and requests for support. After a short exchange, help is given immediately and unbureaucratically. Mingmar then immediately buys rice, clothes, shoes, repair material for wells or whatever is needed and pre-finances all this from his savings. After receiving the receipts, he is reimbursed the money from Germany.
Many tens of tons of rice, packed in 50 kg bags, have been brought in this way in the last 18 months, first on trucks to remote mountain villages and then carried home on foot, meaning support for thousands of people!
In addition, many necessary medical treatments, medicines, wheelchairs, umbrellas, iso-mats and other necessary things for the meager life in the remoteness could be financed.

And also here in Germany and Europe there are many dear supporters working continuously, and often completely secretly. Our friend Alfred, who knows Mingmar from a joint mountain tour in the Himalayas, works tirelessly in his private environment and with friends to procure resources to support the people in Nepal. He would gladly plan to visit Mingmar, but at the moment this remains (still) a pipe dream. For this, Alfred uses his entire network with a lot of commitment and creativity and recently even sent a mobile biogas plant to Nepal. This is currently going through the test phase and is already producing the first gas for cooking from cow dung laugh
We are all very curious about the experiences!

Only through the friendship that has grown over many years and the trust on both sides this work in these difficult times is possible.
Thank you. Mingmar, for your valuable cooperation in favor of the needy and all who continue to support the work of friends help friends!

Enclosed we would like to share some photos of Nepal with you ...


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Mingmar picks out and dresses the little ones anew.
Die Reissäcke werden auf dem Rücken nach Hause getragen.
Verteilung in den Bergen
Medizinische Unterstützung für einen Sherpa-Kollegen von Mingmar
Reparatur einer Wasserleitung
Erfolg - Wasser läuft wieder
Anrühren der Masse aus Kuhdung und Wasser. Sie wird in den "Digester" eingefüllt und nach einiger Zeit entsteht das Biogas.


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