Visiting Romanian families

Romania, April 2023

Together with Thomas, Benno traveled to Romania again in April. Starting point of the trip was Cluj. There they were received by our friend Adrian.

Thomas and Benno reporting

From April 20 to 23, Benno and Thomas, together with Adrian, were on the road in the area of Gherla, Romania, to visit needy elderly women and families living alone. In addition to helpers from the on-site organization "Lords Army", we were accompanied by the Orthodox Fathers Florian and Jorge, who know their communities very well and thus ensure that the poorest of the poor receive our attention. They often take on a trustee role or even take care of the quick execution of urgently needed handicraft work themselves.

During the 16 visits, we were able to hand over packages of basic foodstuffs and, after assessing critical conditions, support them with cash donations. This way, the donations arrive precisely and in full. In another project, the Lords Army observes and supports 177 "Grannies" (grandmothers), as the old ladies are affectionately called. In many cases they have been the support of the family, who have sacrificed themselves for relatives in need of care and now have to call on help themselves. They often have only the social welfare of about 30€/month at their disposal.

For example, Suzanna, who is 76 and lives alone in a small house without running water, lost her left leg two years ago to stop cancer. Her son is on assembly during the week, so she has to use outside help, for which she pays more than 200€ a month. She has only a small pension.
We gave her 300€ so that a wheelchair ramp can be built, with the help of which she can leave the hospital room and sit in the sun.

We were also touched by the terrible fates of young people who still have their lives ahead of them.
Like that of Raresch (12 years old) and his two adult brothers, who are now orphans after the death of their mother two months ago. Because the small house does not have electricity yet, our donation will be used to install electricity and electric light to enable the boys to work and entertain themselves even when it gets dark.

Or the fate of 30-year-old Marcel, who was unable to stand on his own two feet after a serious car accident and now needs follow-up treatment in a special Spanish clinic. It is incredibly encouraging to see his will to live and the progress he has made during the first two treatments. He carefully walks three sensational, wobbly steps for us during our visit and then proudly poses as Superman.

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The team - Benno, Adrian and Thomas.
Maria whose daughter died two weeks ago, is now living all alone.
She gets a small stock of wood for the next winter.
These two boys live alone in the house with their older brother's girlfriend. Until two weeks ago, the youngest was still looking after his mother. After her death, his older brother is now back in the house so that he doesn't have to go to an orphanage...
This is the boys' grandmother. She received support for medication and food.
and this is her house.
Anna, who has cared for her daughter since birth, also receives money for a wheelchair ramp.
Lena is suffering from cancer. She already has to spend half of her small pension on medical treatment. She received money for firewood so that she can heat her little house.
Agneta cares for her husband and her granddaughter. Her daughter died two weeks ago. Her greatest wish is a washing machine, which is fulfilled.
Susanna had her left leg amputated two years ago. She received the money for a wheelchair ramp


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