Women's toilets, school material, roofs, soup kitchen

Support for leprosy sufferers, continuation of projects in Central and Eastern India

Thur, Oct. 25, 2018 - 8:01pm, written by Katrin & Alexandra, published by Frank

Report Part 2 - Women's bath, toilets, school roof, school material and roofs for leprosy villages

Katrin and Venu spent twelve days in Bihar to advance the projects in the leprosy villages.
In the village of Ghorasahan, a hand well was drilled, which brought water to the surface with gratifying speed. A washing facility with cement walls was built for the women of the village to protect their privacy. In addition, further fabrics and sewing utensils were purchased for the sewing training initiated by friends help friends. For the girls who are trained there, this is always a very special experience.

The next day we went on to the village of Bhairoganj. Here 20 toilets are in the making - one for each family. A strong wish of the families is finally coming true. Because up to now all, including the children, had to go into the nearby forest to defecate, which especially at night represents a high risk because of wild animals, e.g. snakes. 
The children of the village "Chota Phool" received once more necessary school materials and washing utensils. Only with this are they allowed to attend the local school!
Katrin was shown the progress of the school achievements. Where necessary, she encouraged the children and parents not to let themselves get "down". Despite the lack of understanding by the local population towards the leprosy village, it is of great importance to keep going and not to give up. Ultimately, it is education that enables the children and their parents to have a better future at some point in the future.
In the next village, Chauradano, a large roof was built for the children, which protects them from the glowing sun during school hours. Katrin and Venu were joyfully greeted by the school children...
The train went from Motihari via Muzzafarpur to Allahabad, a town in the federal state of Uttar Pradesh, where a total of three villages of leprosy affected people were visited. The people were happy about new, waterproof corrugated iron roofs for their small huts. They were also very happy about mosquito nets to protect them from malaria and dengue fever.

THANKS to ALL friends at home sharing in the excitment of this tour!


Mon, Oct. 22, 2018 - 8pm, written by Katrin & Alexandra, published by Frank

Report part 1 - Soup kitchen in Delhi

In August, Katrin had once more been on the road in India to continue the projects of friends help friends.
The photos show the soup kitchen in Delhi for people who live under bridges, on the sidewalk or in other outdoor places...
Soup kitchen in Delhi. At the street stand Katrin gets one meal after the other to provide everyone present with a full plate.
The child happily shows the juice that Katrin has given her.


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Soup kitchen in Delhi. At the street stand Katrin gets one meal after the other and hands over a full plate to everyone present.
The child happily shows the juice it has received from Katrin.
Thanks ...
Here the first of 20 toilets for the leprosy village Bhairoganj are being built.
Construction material is purchased and loaded.
In Chota-Phool: Katrin and the tutor checking the school materials for the children. Toothbrushes etc. are stored in large boxes and only given out to the children when needed.
Purchasing corrugated iron roofs in Allahabad.
A first delivery reaches the village ...


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